rooftop open-air bath / Magma Sauna

We, VILLA LAGI, have a rooftop open-air bath and a type of unique sauna called “Magma Spa Sauna”
which uses lava of Mt. Fuji, and you can see the sky full of stars at night.

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Rooftop Open-air Bath

You can enjoy the soft natural hot groundwater pumped up from 100 meters down.
The bath feels spacious even when there are several people in it, so you can relax and have a wonderful time.
Also, you’ll love the sky full of stars and negative ions in the forest without caring about other people.

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Magma Sauna

This unique Magma Sauna will warm the deep inside of your body and make you sweat a lot.
Minerals used for Magma Sauna are all natural lava, and this will warm up not only the surface of your body but also your deep inside to prompt the endocrine responsible for sweating, which will be a new sensation for you!
Because of the high heat reflectivity and effect of radiant heat, you can experience a new sensation in which your body gets surprisingly warmed up from inside even though the room temperature is 65 degrees Celsius.
The top quality of equipment such as Automatic Loyly and fans, the cold bath with natural groundwater, and the best “*Totonoi” overlooking the forest at a rest area... Everything is all yours!
*Totonoi means revitalization or invigoration.