Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, a luxury suite villa that can be reserved
for only one group per day, nestled in a mysterious forest.

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“Mystery and Fantasy” Luxury Space
Where You Can Feel The Forest and Connect With Nature

VILLA LAGI is a hideaway standing in the forest and was born in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.
This place has a huge space which is 500m2 and a rooftop open-air bath where you can see the sky full of stars, and can experience
the overwhelming “Totonou” that you’ve never experienced with Magma Sauna.
Only one group per day can stay at VILLA LAGI that creates extraordinary space they can have all to themselves with the open sky,
numerous trees, and refreshing breeze.
It has got unique and special interior designs and time moves slowly in this surreal place.
You can enjoy the luxury moment and have an exceptional time only here!
With your precious family, loved one, and friends...
Enjoy the luxurious unique space that you have never experienced before.


We have facilities such as a rooftop open-air bath,
Magma Sauna and outdoor dining,
and only one group per day can stay here and experience this luxury private space as a family vacation,
graduation trip, anniversaries like a wedding,
corporate trainings, etc.
We assure that your privacy is secure here,
so please make the best memories with your precious friends, family, etc.

“Mystery and Fantasy” Luxury Space
Where You Can Feel The Forest And Connect With Nature

VILLA LAGI, a unique hideaway standing in the forest, is known for a treasure house of mesmerizing views and ingredients, and it was born in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, which has a good warm climate.
Surrounded by the open sky and a lot of trees and located away from the city, LAGI will create a special space for you.
The interior decorations imported directly from Paris are carefully chosen, and we would like to welcome only one group to our resort facilities where you can experience what you cannot experience in daily life.
No one can bother you during your stay here so that you will have the best relaxation.

Outdoor Dining
Feeling the fresh air and the breath of trees
Outdoor Dining

We provide special facilities even a majority of people can use for an outdoor dining, and whether the weather is good or bad, you will be able to enjoy the meals.
They have embedded BBQ grills and wet areas equipped as well as a big screen with a projector to enjoy YouTube, movies, Karaoke(DAM) and music in the woods without concern for sounds, voices and time. Please use it for one and only open experience or relieving stress.
There is also an open-concept kitchen inside.

“Magma Spa Sauna” which uses lava of Mt. Fuji
The relaxation that you’ve never experienced using natural lava.

The unique Magma Sauna will warm the deep inside of your body and make you sweat a lot.
The lava used for Magma Sauna is natural, and this will warm up not only the surface of your body but also your deep inside to prompt the endocrine responsible for sweating, which will be a new sensation for you!
Because of the high heat reflectivity and effect of radiant heat, you can experience a new sensation in which your body gets surprisingly warmed up from inside even though the room temperature is 65 degrees Celsius.
The top quality of equipment such as Automatic Loyly and fans, the cold bath with natural groundwater, and the best “*Totonoi” overlooking the forest at a rest area... Everything is all yours!
*Totonoi means revitalization or invigoration.



The various activities you can experience in our facilities

Open-air bath overlooking the forest

The rooftop open-bath uses the natural groundwater pumped up from 100m down. Enjoy the soft hot water with a lot of minerals available anytime!

Outdoor Big Screen Projector

Our BBQ terrace has a big screen and Karaoke(DAM).
You can enjoy your favorite movies, music and Karaoke.

Magma Sauna

You can experience automatic Loyly and fans, the cold bath with natural groundwater, and the best “*Totonoi” overlooking the forest.

BBQ Lesson by a Professional BBQ Instructor

They will teach you how to prepare charcoal, cook delicious meat and vegetables, and etc.

Insect Hunting Experience

There are insects such as beetles and stag beetles in the forest around the facilities.
We rent baits, mechanisms, insect cages and nets. (From June to August)

Woodchopping Experience in The Forest

Under the guidance of our staff, you can experience woodchopping.

Feeding Little Birds in The Forest

If you bait a bird’s nest in the forest on the premises in the morning, various types of little birds such as Japanese nightingales will show up.


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Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture

The exact location of our facilities is not open to the public.
We will let you know the details by email after you complete a reservation.

by car Approximately 90 mins from the center of Tokyo
The Ken-o Expressway: From Ichihara-maishima IC (Approximately 40 mins)
Kujukuri Toll Road: From Ichinomiya IC (Approximately 20 mins)
Free parking available for 7 cars.
by train Approximately 60 mins from Tokyo Station by Limited Express Wakashio on Sotobo Line.
Free shuttle service from Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station is available. Reservations in advance are required. list

Other Facilities