About Reservation And Use

What time is the check-in and check-out time?

The check-in time is from 3pm to 6pm and the check-out time is until 10am.
If you want to check in earlier or check out later, you will be charged 10000 yen per hour (up to 6 people). In addition, if you are a group of more than 6, the extra fee is 1000 yen every time you add a person. Please let us know in advance or when you check in. Please note that you might not be able to do so depending on the reservation situation.

Is it possible to use your facilities as a day trip?

I am afraid it is currently not possible for the use of our facilities as a day trip.

Can I bring my pet?

I am sorry, but it is not allowed to bring pets in our facilities.

Can I use your facilities alone?

Yes. The same fee will be charged up to 6 people.

How much is the additional fee for more than 6 people and the kids fee?

For more than 6 people of adults... 16500yen〜 + Food (The additional fee for adults depends on the date)
Elementary school students (1st Grade to 6th Grade): 9800 yen
Toddler: 6800 yen (2-year-old kids 〜 Pre-school kids)
Under 2 year-old kids: Free (0-1 year old)

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. Please refer to the cancellation fee below.
On the day of reservation: 100% of the accommodations fee
From 7 days before: 100% of the accommodations fee
From 30 days before: 70% of the accommodations fee
From 180 days before: 50% of the accommodations fee

Can I change the number of people and the plans?

Yes. We will flexibly handle the changes of the number of people until 3 days before the reservation.

Can I pay by credit card on-site?

Yes. In addition to cash, you can use a variety of credit cards, Rakuten Pay, PayPay, etc.

Is there a shuttle service?

Yes. Reservation 3 days in advance is required. The shuttle picks you up between 2:30pm to 4pm at Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station and sends you back to the station between 9:30am to 10am) only one time, and the maximum is 6 people.
We can help you go shopping to a supermarket just one time.
*Mercedes-Benz V-Class can accommodate 6 people per car.
*Please use a taxi for more than 6 people. About 3000 yen for 20 mins.

How do I make a reservation and check the availability?

Please check out the reservation webpage or call us.

What kind of bedrooms do you have?

There are 4 bedrooms with locks.
① Japanese-style room (6 people maximum)
② Western-style room One queen bed for 2 people
③ Japanese-style room (4 people maximum)
④ Western-style room Two semi-double beds and one double sofa bed (4 people maximum)

Is it possible to have a wedding there?

Yes. There is a plan for a wedding.
Please consult with our staff.
The entire facilities will be reserved, so it is possible to have a wedding ceremony, wedding reception and wedding party, take photographs and stay here.

Can I smoke?

No smoking allowed inside all our facilities. Please smoke in smoking areas such as a terrace.

Do you have Wi-Fi in your facilities?

Yes. We have Wi-Fi equipped in all our facilities.
Please connect to the Wi-Fi wherever you like. We will let you know the ID and password when you check in.

About the time of use for the open-air bath and sauna

You can use both of them whenever you like from the check-in time to the check-out time. However, there is a maintenance for the sauna between 10am to 3pm.

About Rooms

The facility details about equipment

Equipment and Services:
Private open-air bath, magma sauna, bathroom, cold bath, roofed BBQ garden, Karaoke(DAM), wood deck, private garden, hammock, swing, trekking course, air purifier, refrigerator (soft drink and alcoholic beverage for sale), surveillance camera, Wi-Fi, front loader washer/dryer, 2 private refrigerators for guests, commercial ice maker, projector, garden theater, bed. 2 washrooms, big-screen TV, air-conditioner, and Bluetooth speaker

Kitchen Equipment:
3 induction stoves, induction stove for pot, rice cooker, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, hot water dispenser, cookware (frying pan, pot, tongs, ladle, strainer, mixing bowl, cutting board, kitchen knife, bottle opener, can opener and peeler), tableware (plate, dish, glass, spoon, fork, chopstick, Chinese spoon and coffee cup), sponge, dishwashing liquid, trash can, and garbage bag

What is the capacity of people?

The maximum capacity is 10 adults. (Please consult us on adding infants and kids.)

What kind of amenities do you have?

Loungewear (Samue), bath towel, hand towel, shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, cotton swab, hairdryer, hair straightener, toner, face wash, hand soap, cleanser, cotton. and parking lot for free (up to 7 cars)

Do you have nightwear for children?

Loungewear (Samue) is only for adults. Please bring pajamas for kids.

Do you have air-conditioners?

Yes. We have an air-conditioner equipped in each room of our facilities.

Are a bath and toilet installed?

There is an open-air bath and bathroom on the rooftop. Also, there is a bathroom equipped in a room. There are 4 bathrooms in total, and all of them are electronic toilets.

Is there a TV?

Yes. There is a big-screen TV that can be used to watch videos on Youtube and so on in a dining room. There is a projector equipped in a BBQ terrace.

Are there outlets?

Yes. There are outlets in each room., a dining room, living room, BBQ terrace, and rooftop.

Is it possible to have a meal even if it’s raining?

Yes. You can enjoy your meal even if it’s raining because there is a big-roofed outdoor dining space.

Are there actually other VILLA on the premises besides the one we will use even though it says it’s private and the entire facilities are reserved?

No. LAGI has only one VILLA on the premises. All of the facilities and vast forest are all to yourself, and it’s completely private for only one group for a day.

About meals

Can we bring some beverages?

Yes. You can bring your beverages for free, and there are 2 refrigerators in the kitchen and BBQ terrace. Also, you can bring ingredients and cook them in the kitchen yourself for free.
Induction stoves and cookware are equipped.

Can we bring a table for a campfire and stove?

I am sorry, but you cannot bring a table for a campfire, BBQ grill, or stove in order to avoid a fire.

Do I have to bring condiments?

If you cook a meal by yourself, please bring them yourself. We can lend the minimum condiments of our facilities such as salt and pepper.

What kind of food do you serve for breakfast?

On Day 1, we serve Western food such as bread, lettuce, egg and yogurt.
On Day2, we serve ingredients for Japanese food such as rice, miso soup, fish, natto and egg, so that you can cook them yourself. A toaster, rice cooker, cookware, condiments, and tableware are equipped.


Is there a parking lot?

Yes. There is a free parking lot. (Up to 7 cars)

Can we do fireworks?

Since our facilities are located in the forest, please refrain from doing fireworks to avoid a fire.

Are there convenience stores and supermarkets?

There are supermarkets called “Super Land”, “Hureai Shop Genji” and “Super Leo” 15 mins away from our facilities by car.
And there are convenience stores called “Mini Stop” and “7 Eleven” approximately 15 mins away from our facilities by car. Since they are a bit far, we would recommend that you buy what you need before arriving here.

Do bugs come out?

Yes. Since our facilities are surrounded by the forest and nature, there are insects and frogs.
We prepare some insect repellant and mosquito incense, but please bring them yourself as well.
Also, please do not leave the doors and windows of each room open.

About how to contact the staff during your stay

If you are in trouble or have questions during your stay, please call us or contact us on LINE.

How are the road conditions?

Since it is located in the forest, there are some narrow and steep roads from National Route to the premises. It gets very dark at night, so please be careful if you are not used to driving or drive a supercar.
We recommend that you buy what you need before checking in.

Do you sell beverages in your facilities?

Yes. There are refrigerators selling beverages.
Please feel free to use them after you check in and want some drinks.
We sell water, tea, wine (red and white), sparkling wine, Shouchu (traditional Japanese distilled spirit), and bottles of whiskey. We charge for the service when checking out.

Can you grill chicken on behalf of us?

Yes. For those who want to enjoy conversations with your friends and family and eat the best food, there is a plan where qualified BBQ staff will grill and prepare the food for you.

Can we order a cake for a birthday party and Christmas party?

Yes. Please contact us by 3 days before you arrive here. Also, please consult us on the number of candles, what you want us to write on a message plate, and what kind of cake you want.

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